The course list below presents the courses taught at UNI. The course link will take you to the course homepage, where you can find the syllabus, lectures, handouts, and homework sets.


MC571C - Vibraciones Mecánicas (2009I-2010I) (in Spanish)

MT221C/D - Ingeniería de Control (2012I, 2012II, 2013I, 2013II) (in Spanish)

MT224C - Ingeniería de Control II (2008II) (in Spanish)

MT227B - Control Moderno y Óptimo (2009I-2012I, 2012II, 2013I, 2013II, 2014I) (in Spanish)

MEC546B - Proyecto de Máquinas (2015I) (in Spanish)

PSM1 - Proyecto de Sistemas Mecatrónicos I (2012I) (in Spanish)

S235 - Teoría de Control II (2012I) (in Spanish)


MA101 - Matemáticas Aplicadas (2012I, 2012II) (in Spanish)

IG001 - Economía Aplicada. Teoría de Inversiones (2013II) (in Spanish)

IM010 - Gerencia Económica y Tecnológica de Activos (2014I, 2014II) (in Spanish)

Seminario de Investigación Doctoral (2014I) (in Spanish)

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